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An allrounded dance company

The vision of L.A Styles Dance Company is showing the world a bigger perspective in the culture of dance. To show the equality and respect in the perspective of different dance styles. We want to show that it is okay to be different and that it is possible to combine two or more opposites together and make art out of it!

L.A Styles dance Company wants to broad the perspective of the people in Europe in all different dance styles! We want to have the same amount of respect for dance styles such as classical ballet, Hiphop, Afro, Dancehall, Vogue, Modern, jazz but also popping, locking waacking and many more!

Dance in general should be respected in any artistic form! That's why in L.A Styles dance Company we want to show the audience and the people in Europe that no matter what you do in a dance style, it is still a way of artistic creativity, which is just as good as any other dance style!

our quote is then:

''Same passion, Different styles''


Upcoming show 2019

  • Artz of Dance
  • Artz of dance
    De Glasbak
  • Artz of Dance
    Theater Oostblok en Eetlokaal
  • Artz of Dance - Kunstschooldag
    OBA Theater

Same passion, Different Styles

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