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Welcoming our new dancers of L.A Styles Dance Company!

So last week was the start of a new year with some new faces within L.A Styles Dance Company!

Let's say a big welcome to our new members of the company:

Alexis Ferre

Kypros Papatheodoulou

Clara Salge

Maeva Destrebeq

Jasmine Lucker

Camille Perrier

After having a break in the summer we decided to start the rehearsals with a new concept; We wanted to give our dancers the chance to be able to exchange their knowledge and their dance styles with us, by letting them organize their own warming ups and exercises!

With this concept we really want to understand the dancer's perspective but also let the dancers get to know eachother in a way different and more intimate method.

"This year is gonna be different, we are gonna be different, we are L.A Styles Dance Company!"

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